1. Space Apps PHL Day 2 Photo Wrap Up

    Now-familiar smiles greet participants as they come together for demos and awards on day 2.

    EarthKAM Explorer uses a Leap Motion controller to spin around the globe and locate ISS images. #spotthestation

    The LEDs in this ISS Orbit Skirt represent the orbit of the International Space Station around the Earth. #welovedata

    NASA wanted a better way to visualize their data, so Tunnel Vision gives them every possible visualization. #windtunnels

    What’s Up Voyager humanizes Voyager I by using sentiment analysis and a Leap Motion controller so you can see celestial objects through its “eyes.” #adoptvoyager

    The judges already know this is going to be tough.

    ISS Base Station impresses us with its large team (including a project manager!), its hardware and software components, and the youngest team member at Space Apps Philly. #spotthestation

    Scistarter visualizes microbial ecology data with ToastyMap. #SciStarter

    Earth Tile Creator makes Earth image data from NASA satellites easy to access and convert into formats for web maps. #earthtiles

    Simulating Zero Gravity proposes an astronaut training program on the Earth’s surface using quantum levitation and quantum trapping.

    Tracking Curiosity follows Curiosity’s path to show data from each of its drives, including elevation and distance traveled, and eventually social media posts. #curiosityathome

    Video Interviews highlight the stories of participants and organizers, and remind us of the importance of the “A” in STEAM. #reelinspiration

    It’s time for the judges to begin deliberating and tallying up scores.

    While we wait, Youngmoo Kim shares his solution to Listening to the Stars - a composition on the magnetic resonator piano. #listentostars

    Before the judges announce the winners, Brienna draws a name from the NASTAR training package raffle.

    The judges manage to give prizes to every team, including NASTAR flight suits, K’NEX kits, Franklin Institute tickets, Amazon Web Services credits, and a Leap Motion controller. And they nominate ISS Base Station and EarthKAM Explorer to the global level!

    "Part of what’s so great about this project is that it takes 5 minutes to give everyone a high five!"

    It’s a little bittersweet handing out all those K’NEX kits…

    …but fortunately some Azaveans are bringing theirs back to the office!

    Photos by Rachel Cheetham Richard and Amelia Longo.

    • Posted on April 23, 2013.